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The purpose of the Foundation is to change the barriers on the
way of development of agribusiness between Russia and Holland

Foundation of Dutch Russian Livestock, that was found in 2009, is a group of 20 Dutch leading companies that act properly in the Russian trade market in the sector of dairy livestock and pig breeding and offer a wide range of services. Being in cooperation, the companies members of the Foundation offer all necessary facilities for the development of successful projects in livestock and pig breeding sectors: equipment, examination and animals. From the fields to the consumer, from the grain to the released meat product. The objective of the Foundation is improvement of opportunities on the Russian speaking export market for their members. Besides, the Foundation is a negotiating partner between the Agricultural Ministries of the Russian Federation and the Netherlands, on agriculture policy, looking after the interest of her members.



Our advantages
  • The support of Dutch companies in
    the process of interaction with the
    markets of RF and CIS.
  • The assistance to Russian companies
    in search of a business partner
    the in Netherlands.
  • The execution of co-projects,
    exchanging knowledge and
  • Organization of bilateral business
  • The efficiency improvement of Russian
    and Dutch agribusiness cooperation.

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Foundation of Dutch Russian Livestock Breeding offers assistance to Russian companies in search of the partner for cooperation that will help to carry out the projects in the sector of livestock breeding. Foundation promotes the development of contacts between Russian investors and companies-members of the Foundation.

For this purpose Foundation organizes trade missions from the Russian Federation to Netherlands and from Netherlands to Russia, participating in Russian exhibitions, regularly makes newsflash for the Fund members. The founding of some subsidiary companies and official representatives of the Foundation companies-members already in place serves as an index of successful activity of the Foundation in the Russian market.

Foundation of Dutch Russian Livestock Breeding aims to maintain close contacts with the representatives of both countries, The Russian Federation and Netherlands. The Foundation can also assist the companies-members of the Foundation by solving different
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Import of dairy products in Russia in the first quarter of 2014 increased

In 2020 seventy million Russians, that is half the population, will belong to the middle class
Russian Cabinet to allocate 4.45 billion rubles for development of beef cattle
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree
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Seminars are planned
for this year by The
Foundation of Dutch
Russian Livestock Breeding

We should start a dialogue and really listen to each other. That is what we now need
first and foremost. Consultations at a global scale. This is the message with which we
should send our diplomats and ministers on their way.

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