12 Apr

FDRH meeting with the Republic of Dagestan in Moscow

Round table on the prospects of implementation agricultural projects in the Republic of Dagestan.

Om the 12th of April, 2018 a Round table between FDRL and Permanent Representation of the Republic of Dagestan in Moscow was organized with support of the Coordination Center of FDRL.

The main goal of the meeting was to introduce FDRL and other participants with opportunities in the Republic of Dagestan. This was the first meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture in Dagestan. At the meeting there were representatives of business circles and ministers from Dagestan. Representatives of the FDRL and the guests of the meeting exchanged contacts.

The main task of the FDRL Coordination Center represented by Anton Romanov was to introduce the representatives of Dagestan to the Foundation and ask questions to equipment manufacturers. FDRL was informed about the main directions of current development and invited to cooperate in dairy production and cheese, in the field of cattle.

There was also expressed interest in goat farms and the production of goat cheese. There were also questions about crop production. But the most important information part of the meeting was a message about financial support measures for projects in Dagestan with the participation of FDRL members. A long and detailed discussion was held on this topic. Perhaps this will help local farmers to start projects in this new for FDRL region.